Our thoughts about delivery.

No matter how you order from us, email, website or phone our standards at Lake Street Home are the same and apply to you, your order, and the shipment.

At Lake Street Home, we feel that you should know how long it takes to get your products to your home and what the cost of your shipping will be before you even select the item to purchase. We offer simple, flat-rate shipping options to the lower 48 United States. We ship most of our products from our warehouse in Northeast Wisconsin. Although we would prefer to lovingly wrap your order and send it to you personally, we will also ship direct from our supplier when it helps get your order to you more quickly.

Flooring and vanities will typically be sent on their merry way the day you place your order, or the next. Cabinets typically follow a lead-time of 7 business days, plus freight transit time. This lead time may be extended in the event of any revisions to the original order by the customer or backordered items. Once your order leaves the warehouse, you will receive an email containing tracking information for your shipment. The freight company will call in advance to schedule your delivery appointment and ensure that someone is available to accept the shipment. We recommend that you do not schedule product installation until your entire order is received.

Every order ships for $99.00 to the following states:

  • Wisconsin
  • Michigan
  • Illinois
  • Minnesota
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Ohio
  • Kentucky
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • North Dakota
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Kansas
  • Arkansas
  • West Virginia
  • Pennsylvania

Every order ships for $199.00 from the following States:

  • Montana
  • Wyoming
  • Colorado
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Oklahoma
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Florida
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Massachusetts
  • Maine
  • Vermont
  • New Hampshire
  • Washington
  • Oregon
  • Nevada
  • Utah
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Idaho

Unfortunately, due to potential damage, we typically only ship assembled cabinets to Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana. We can talk through any special circumstances with you. We also do not currently ship anything to Canada, Mexico, Alaska or Hawaii. If your route includes restricted access / driveways, rural areas where standard delivery cannot be scheduled (e.g., downtown in major cities, islands and areas with no bridge access to the main land please call us at 1-800-913-0947 to quote your shipping cost. There may be other exclusions and higher freight costs to certain locations. The shipping pricing above applies to one purchased category only (flooring, vanities or cabinets). If you are purchasing products from more than one category, you will be charged for flat shipping for each category purchased. On small orders, Lake Street Home, will use a ground parcel service and shipping will be billed as invoiced up to the usual $99/$199. Customers will pay no more than the Shipping cap stated above.

If you have questions as to what your shipping charges are, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. We’d love to hear about your amazing home and discuss how we can get your order there!

Due to size and weight constraints, most orders will be delivered by a freight service unless as noted above. Lake Street Home retains the decision regarding what service to ship on unless a customer decides to arrange an independent shipper. Orders are packed with care on pallets and delivered to your curb. The carrier will lower the merchandise from their truck to street level and at that point you will be responsible for the merchandise. Unfortunately, any variation of these standards will not be accepted. All of our standards are subject to change without notice at anytime.

I have placed my order, now what?

Once we receive your order, you will receive an email from our awesome team with details about your shipment. When your delivery gets closer, the carrier (freight company) will contact you and arrange a time to deliver your cabinets at the edge of your driveway/road. You will have to make sure you have enough space inside (near final installation area) to place the cabinets. Please do not arrange installation until after you have received your entire shipment. In stock orders will typically arrive within 5 business days of your order. Special order or out of stock orders may take longer. You will be contacted by the freight carrier, typically, within 24 hours of delivery. Some smaller items may be shipped on a parcel service and those will be delivered to your home.

Any order placed is subject to acceptance by Lake Street Home and may be declined in whole in part for any lawful reason, including supply, demand, computer error, pricing error, human error or any other lawful reason.

Conditions of payment are within Lake Street Home’s independent discretion and payment must be received by Lake Street Home prior to order acceptance. Stated prices do not include any sales, use, value, excise, federal, state, local or other takes. Upon ordering products from LakeStreetHome, you will be responsible for any taxes owed. If you are a resident of Wisconsin, you will be required to pay for the applicable State and Local sales tax. For other states, please consult with your own tax advisor.

WOW that truck is big. What do I do now?

Once your shipment arrives, please look over the shipment immediately. Photos are recommended for your personal records and safety in the rare event that a freight claim needs to be filed.

Please note finished plywood panels or skins may be packaged on the bottom of the pallet under cardboard for the best protection. Do NOT mistake this for packing materials. Be careful when opening any boxes.

If you ordered any trim, please be aware that it might be coming in separately packaged carton. Please sign the Bill of Lading/Shipment Paperwork for pallet count and loose piece count.

Oh No! Something is damaged.

While we pack your orders with extreme care, the shipping carrier can sometimes still damage orders. Inspect all packages at the time of acceptance and carefully verify the extent, if any, of damage in the presence of the driver. For visible damage or shortage, please make a notation on the shipping company’s form prior to signing. Please take pictures of the damage as well. For concealed damage, please notify Lake Street Home within 5 business days of delivery of the concealed damage. Lake Street Home, upon approval, will send out a replacement for the damaged item. Once cabinet assembly has begun, we cannot replace damaged cabinets.

Please write down any damage and/or shortages on the delivery receipt with a representative from the carrier present before accepting the order, but do not refuse the order. If the order is refused, you, the buyer, will be responsible for applicable freight charges to and from the destination. If possible, keep all packing materials and boxes intact. The freight carrier has acknowledged the receipt of the shipment from our facilities as being in good condition. By your acceptance of the shipment from the carrier on the delivery receipt, you acknowledge that the product has been delivered in good condition. We cannot be held responsible for loss or damaged if you give the carrier a clean and clear receipt.

First notify Lake Street Home to start a claim. Please take photos of all damage and email them to and we will gladly take care of the claim for you. Please include your address and phone number in your email. The only time we cannot handle the claim for you is if you shipped your order under your carrier’s account number. If that is the case then please call the carrier and let them know you have a claim to make. Please do not attempt installation or assembly of any damaged or defective product. Any damage shall equate to acceptance.

There are 15 boxes here and I can’t find….

Our staff takes pride in ensuring that every item that was ordered is shipped to you carefree. Sometimes, errors may occur. If there is a mistake with your order, please call us at 1-800-913-0947. Please have your your order number, name, shipping address and a brief description of the mistake or missing item. We will look into the error and respond as quickly as we can because our service is our pleasure.

Sometimes, there are missing items within your shipment. If this unfortunately occurs, please contact us at 1-800-913-0947. Please have your your order number, name, shipping address and a brief description of the mistake or missing item. We will look into the error and respond as quickly as we can because our service is our pleasure.