Seven Specific Features for Your New Bathroom Vanity

Renovating your bathroom is typically one of the most costly, stressful and lengthy remodeling projects that you can tackle.  However, it can be one of the most life-changing and value-generating home projects as well.  Opting for a pre-built built bathroom vanity can save you time, money and headaches and leave your bathroom looking larger, but they’re not all built the same.


Saving Time

Opting for a pre-built, free-standing bathroom vanity saves you a lot of time.  You can skip the visits to the cabinetry design shop and the countertop fabricator, where you would have hundreds of options to pour over to finally come to a decision.  Then save time on installation by not having to install the cabinetry, wait for a countertop measure, then wait for the tops to arrive and be installed.  Then you’d need to get a plumber in to install the sink.  Even pre-built wall-hung bathroom vanities can require extensive bracing, carpentry and drywall work prior to installation. Instead opt for a free-standing complete vanity where all you need to do is set it in place, affix the top, and connect the faucet and drain.  You can save even more shopping time by getting your vanity online and adding the optional matching mirror.  Your new bathroom vanity will arrive at your curb in just a few days!  Shop today.


Saving Money

If you pay a cabinetry shop, countertop fabricator and plumber to create and install your vanity, you are paying for a lot of custom design, products and installation.  While a 72-inch built-in vanity from a custom cabinet shop will easily exceed $2,500, a 72-inch Joyce Vanity from Lake Street Home goes for just $1,495 including delivery to your home.  


Saving Headaches

When piecing-together a custom vanity and top, if something is wrong, you may end up with a cabinet maker and a top fabricator and plumber all pointing fingers at each other.  Even though you ran from place-to-place to get everything ordered just right, things got messed up.  Get a complete vanity that was designed as one piece so you can rest easy.


Making Your Bathroom Look Larger

When your vanity is on feet instead of built to the floor, your bathroom tends to look larger.  The eye sees the wall as the edge of the flooring in the room, rather than the cabinet being the edge of the space.  This is where wall-hung and open-shelf vanities have a decided benefit!  

 Choosing a Vanity

 Just like most consumer products, features and quality in bathroom vanities are being sacrificed in order to hit specific price points and/or to increase profitability for large home improvement corporations.  For example, if they can save $50 per unit by removing real wood in favor of pressboard, they will. 

image desc

All solid-wood construction up front and cabinet-grade plywood behind makes this quality vanity from Lake Street Home a show-stopper for years to come!

Seven Specific Features to Strongly Consider

A REAL WOOD CABINET:  It seems natural to use real, solid wood and cabinet-grade plywood to build a quality piece.  Trying to find a bathroom vanity with real wood is a trick.  Most vanities now consist of pressboard (MDF or HDF) doors and drawer fronts.  You’ll also see cabinet-grade plywood sides replaced with even more pressboard or even cardboard.  Our Poet’s Cove vanity lines at are all built from REAL WOOD.  The quality is evident from the moment you see it. 

A REAL SOLID SURFACE TOP:  Shy away from a laminated top, molded marble, resin, plastic and other fake tops in favor of a real hard-surface top.  You can often get a real carrara marble, granite or quartz top included with your complete vanity at a price that is competitive with the home improvement corporation vanities.  Read the details before you get stuck with something that won’t hold up over time.

image desc2

The rectangular, ceramic undermount sink provides sophistication that cannot be matched with a round or oval sink.  


QUALITY DRAWER GLIDES:  Good drawer glides are something that most shoppers don’t consider.  All Poet’s Cove Cabinetry complete vanities include soft-closing drawer glides.  We are in the process of phasing out ¾-extension glides in favor of standard full-extension glides.  This allows you to better seen and reach the back of the drawer


QUALITY DOOR HINGES:  Our all-wood doors don’t just hang on basic hinges.  The hinges in a Poet’s Cove complete bathroom vanity are soft-closing and adjustable to keep them working great for years to come.  Soft close doors and drawers provide quiet operation in a room that is usually adjacent to sleeping areas.


RECTANGULAR CERAMIC SINKS:  Did you know that it costs more to produce a rectangular sink than a round or oval sink?  A rectangular, ceramic sink in a solid surface top is a sign of quality. Avoid plastic or molded sinks.


SOLID WOOD DRAWERS:  Solid wood drawers built using dovetail construction are in all but the cheapest of kitchen cabinets, so why settle for plywood in your vanity?  Our Poet’s Cove Cabinetry Vanities are currently being upgraded to include solid wood, dovetailed drawers as standard.

image desc3

Natural stained solid wood drawers with dovetail construction come standard on many vanities at Lake Street Home.

BACKSPLASH/SIDESPLASH:  You’ll want to look for a vanity that comes with a 4-inch backsplash.  Not only does this finish the piece visually, it keeps fluids from getting behind the vanity.  We now have matching 4” side-splashes available for homeowners who choose to snug their vanity up to a side wall.  This is a great way to finish off your new bathroom vanity.  

Keeping these seven features in the forefront will help you to get the best value in a bathroom vanity.  Start at for vanities that check all of these boxes!

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