Traditionally, flooring shoppers would drive to one or two full-service flooring stores to speak to experts and pay the going rate for flooring and for professional installation services. Most people (even handy people) refused to tackle flooring installation on their own because it was tricky and mistakes would be very costly. Since the advent of “floating flooring” and top-quality locking technology such as the patented UniClic system, do-it-yourselfers can easily tackle their own flooring with a just a few tools. Many people still pay top dollar for flooring plus installation because online and big-box shopping for flooring is very impersonal and overwhelming. A company called Lake Street Home is promising to change this!

Knock, Knock.

Chris, Lake Street Home company president, states "We'd like each visitor that enters to feel like they've walked into a warm and inviting summer home. Our goal is to have that feeling transition to their own home with expert guidance and delightfully low prices on great products that are matched to their space. Whether on the phone, live chat, text or email, the entire Lake Street Home team is dedicated to serving our website guests with a neighborly warmth.”

Most Floors Don’t Make The Cut.

The internet is full of confusion, perceived “deals” and subsequent disappointment. Lake Street Home seeks to provide the neighborly expertise of the full-service corner store with the convenience and savings of a trusted online retailer. A diverse team of experts, from interior designers to master flooring and cabinetry installers critically evaluate each item for consideration on This group has painstakingly selected materials through hundreds of selection meetings, phone calls, consultations and product research initiatives. Whenever a decision-point arises, they ask themselves, "which one would I put into my own home". If they wouldn’t put it in their home, they won’t put it on the website.

This selection process gives each visitor the peace of mind knowing that the floors with inferior locking mechanisms, poor wear-layers, outdated style and fake-looking planks are weeded out. What survives is the top-quality, best value, on-trend flooring for your lifestyle.

Keeping It Simple.

Lake Street Home offers you a choice from 34 floors (how many brown and grey planks can you look at before they all start to look the same, anyway?). They have two grades of laminate flooring. All of these have UniClic locking technology, the best in the industry. What’s even more impressive is that every laminate they sell scores an abrasion class 4 (AC4) wear rating. This is the highest residential rating available and is even rated for light commercial duty! Their 12mm laminates will typically include advanced features like a micro v-bevel edge, synchronized embossed surface texture (where the image of the wood matches the texture of the woodgrain on the plank), and waxed seams for moisture resistance. Surprisingly, the 8mm laminates also have many of these features! also offers what they call “Waterproof Click Flooring”, one of many names for multi-layered flooring with a composite core. Their multi-layered flooring consists of a wear layer of ceramic-infused UV cured urethane, a luxury vinyl layer, and a a composite core made from virgin PVC and calcium carbonate (stone). Each selection has micro v-bevel edge detail and patented UniClic locking technology. This comes in two grades as well. The Exclusive Collection is 8.5mm thick (including 2mm attached pad) and has the synchronized embossed surface as well as an amazing 20-mil wear layer. The Premium Collection is 5.5mm thick and is a great value with an impressive 12-mil wear layer. The final category is a Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) flooring option. This is a traditional glue-down floor, and Lake Street Home impresses again with a 12-mil wear layer!

If you’re looking to buy flooring online and want to take the guesswork out of it, choose a floor from . Shipping is extremely fast because they ship from their Wisconsin distribution center that houses over a million square feet of flooring. If you have any questions at all from initial shopping all the way through installation, they are very knowledgeable by phone, email or live chat. They will refer you to their master flooring installer if your question is especially tricky. Visit today.

Milltown Premium

Milltown Premium Laminate Flooring brings a rustic touch to this new home.


Members of the Selection Team evaluate laminate flooring.

The Clean

The clean, modern distribution center is tucked into a hillside in Wisconsin.


Brera, one of the Exclusive Collection waterproof click floors has remarkable realism.

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