Painted Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Colors

Painted Kitchen Cabinets and Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Colors

You’ve likely seen a gorgeous kitchen in a home, online, or on a remodeling TV show and thought your kitchen could use some attention. Before you whip out your paint rollers and start painting those 1990’s honey oak cabinets, let’s talk about current kitchen paint trends.

You’ll notice those beautiful, bright kitchens on TV do not have beautifully stained maple wood.They are painted. We love stained cabinets and how well they hide fingerprints, stains, knicks and scratches, but painted cabinets are the thing right now. If you see stained cabinets in a kitchen, it’s often as an island that is surrounded by painted perimeter cabinets or an accent wall of stained cabinets away from the core of the kitchen. This can be executed beautifully to provide the warmth of a “furniture piece” with the clean, bright qualities of a painted cabinet kitchen.

About 60 percent of the cabinets that we sell are some form of white. Whether Diamond White, Linen, Warm White, or even Creamy Bisque, people are choosing white in staggering numbers. If you like white, but want some warmth to your space, try pairing white perimeter cabinets with a stained or Dream Colors island. Warmer whites and those with glazing are being set aside for really bright white paint. Our Diamond White Twain cabinets are on the rise in a big way! Some of this rise may be attributed to the greys that are available in the Twain line (more on grey in amoment). There are very few homes that are not able to pull off a bright, white kitchen. If you’re remodeling to sell, there is nothing with a more broad appeal than white shaker kitchen cabinets . This high-value upgrade will be appreciated by most home shoppers.

Designers have been pairing grey quartz tops and grey flooring with white shaker cabinets for a number of years now. But, a recent trend has been to reverse this very effective design combination by pairing grey painted cabinets with white quartz tops. We feel our Twain cabinets provide a similar, but more stylish and softer look than shaker and they come in Classic Grey . Classic Grey cabinets with white quartz offer a very crisp yet dramatic combination. How will they keep this going, you might ask? The obvious next step is a stained grey cabinet; yes stained cabinets are coming back, but with grey!!! Look to our strong-selling Twain door style again for Twain Stonewood stained grey cabinets. If you’re not ready to commit to grey kitchen cabinets, you can pair Twain Classic Grey or Twain Stonewood on the island with Twain Diamond White perimeter cabinets.

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Twain Stonewood cabinets offer the warmth of stain with the on-trend design of grey

Folks who feel grey is too trendy, but stained maple is too dated find solace in greige (grey + Beige). You can choose how grey or how beige to go. Some might lean toward grey and go with Sherwin Willams Mindful Grey or go more beige with Northern Cliffs by Benjamin Moore . It’s up to you! I bet you never thought of beige as a trend-setting color. On cabinets, it is!


Although white cabinets with a stained island are still popular, we’re seeing more risky and bright colors coming into play. Through our “Dream Colors” program, we can paint some of your cabinets any color you’d like. Deep blue has been the go-to pop of color for islands in 2018. We’ve also seen bright green, teal, orange and red island cabinetry. TIP: For a dramatic contrast, try Top Knobs Honey Bronze finished hardware with your deep blue island cabinets.

Don’t put that same old plain kick panel under your island. Go to a nearby salvage store and find something cool to put there. Our designers have used antique tin ceiling tiles, pallet wood, reclaimed basketball court wood, old license plates, corrugated steel, and other fun touches in this often forgotten space. Think of the back panel under your island as a forgotten palette for your artistic style. Even if you’re not crazy about painting your cabinets a trendy color, a blast of expression here is a low-risk proposition. It can always be changed to a boring panel if you get sick of it or need to sell. But, reclaimed materials have such fun stories that they end up dominating the kitchen converstation.

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Reclaimed Tin Ceiling Tiles Blend Perfectly with Gunmetal Cabinet Hardware, White Cambria Quartz and a fun, yet risky, Tantalizing Teal by Sherwin Williams.

Our top-selling bathroom vanities are the high-quality all-wood options from Poet’s Cove Cabinetry. These great shaker-style vanities come in three colors (Diamond White, Slate Grey and Espresso) with your choice of three tops (White Carrara Marble, Grey Quartz or Black Granite). This array allows you to choose from nine combinations to suit your space perfectly. Given the small space and the array of colorful accessories available in the bathroom (rugs, shower curtains, etc), we have not seen shoppers going wild with colors here, But our cabinet lines, including Dream Colors, are available in vanity depth.

Now, most often, you simply cannot achieve these looks by painting your old Honey Oak cabinets. The door styles, cabinet height and moldings will be a dead give away. Also, if you’re going for a new kitchen look, why not get more functionality with different drawers and pull-outs to suit your modern needs. Your life isn’t the same as it was in 1990, so your kitchen layout could also use an upgrade. Reach out to the friendly team at today to achieve the kitchen of your dreams for a fraction of the cost of a full-service cabinetry store!

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