Best Flooring For Bathroom

The team at Lake Street Home understands that buying flooring online can be very overwhelming given the array of products and the pitfalls of buying the wrong flooring. That’s why we’ve done the hard work of identifying high-quality, on-trend flooring options that provide great value in the marketplace. We’ve evaluated products being called all sorts of things like laminate flooring, waterproof laminate, vinyl laminate flooring, WPC flooring, luxury vinyl plank flooring, solid wood flooring, engineered hardwood, reclaimed wood flooring, rustic flooring, SPC flooring, MLF flooring, rigid core flooring, waterproof core flooring and so on. What our selection committee did was throw out all the insider jargon and focus on what floors are best for the vast majority of applications. We began by focusing on what styles were rising to prominence in flooring stores in Indianapolis, flooring stores in St. Louis, the trends in flooring in Chicago, what’s going on with flooring in Minneapolis and so on. We also considered cities large and small across the entire country to get a feel for the most appealing styles and quality flooring options. If you need help, or are skeptical that this flooring is for you, please call, email or live-chat with one of our awesome team members. We can help you to make a great decision and create a remarkable space for your family and guests.

We've painstakingly selected beautiful styles of durable flooring with desirable features to set the tone for your home.

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Flooring Accessories
  1. Split Rail - 7.5mm WPC
    Split Rail - 7.5mm WPC
    Compare $4.49 /sq ft Our Price $2.79 /sq ft
  2. Wynwood - 8.5mm Waterproof Click
    Wynwood - 8.5mm Waterproof Click
    Compare $5.49 /sq ft Our Price $3.19 /sq ft
  3. Milltown - 12mm Laminate
    Milltown - 12mm Laminate
    Compare $4.49 /sq ft Our Price $1.39 /sq ft
  4. Williamsburg - 8mm Laminate
    Williamsburg - 8mm Laminate
    Compare $3.49 /sq ft Our Price $1.59 /sq ft
  5. Glenview - 12mm Laminate
    Glenview - 12mm Laminate
    Compare $4.49 /sq ft Our Price $2.15 /sq ft
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