The Lake Street Home selection committee spends a tremendous amount of time evaluating products for consideration in our store. There are two pitfalls we wish to avoid at all costs:

1) The Race to the Bottom - No matter how low your price is, there is someone willing to cut quality out of a product and sell a “similar” product cheaper. Although it would gain clicks and sales, we stay out of this race; instead focusing on quality products that we can offer at a great value.

2) The Heirloom Perception - There are huge profit opportunities to be had with very expensive, exclusive-feeling pieces. The Lake Street Home selection committee also rejects these products because they don’t offer the exceeding value that we desire for our guests. Great quality does not need to come with an exorbitant price tag.

Our focus is on carrying a limited number of items with high value. In doing so, Lake Street Home is able to negotiate more attractive pricing and enhance the value for our shoppers. In doing so, we ensure that you’ll only get products that these experts would use in their own homes. Also, online shopping has become overwhelmed with mega-sites offering so darned many options that you’ll never know where to begin, nor if your purchase was a good value. Our reduced offerings promise great quality and delightfully low prices!